Safety is a top priority at Diagen Diamond.

This also and especially applies to the security of payment transactions.

Shopping at the online shop is safe and easy!

Diagen Diamond Online Shop SSL certified 

The security of shopping at is provided with the 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. Thanks to the SSL protocol, which is an industry standard in implemented systems and is required for a secure flow of information. The credit card information you enter when shopping is independently encrypted by, and transmitted to the bank to which it is provided. It is transmitted securely to the virtual POS system. In addition, the SSL protocol means that you are not actually in a fake version of the site you want to be. It also proves that you are on the safe right side. At the bottom of the page where you enter your credit card information, the web address changes from http to https. You can check the SSL certificate by double-clicking on the lock icon. You can find more detailed information about the SSL protocol at SSL Certificate & Digital Certificate Authority -


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To ensure the added security of the transaction authorised by the bank's virtual POS system on your first purchase with a particular credit card, by contacting the fraud security department of the bank where the authorisation was obtained, the credit card used is actually delivered by the cardholder whose name is written on it. A written confirmation of use is obtained. If necessary, the bank or staff can call the credit card holder by phone and request an order confirmation. This practice is a standard required by the banking industry for a healthier shopping experience.